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By | March 26, 2021

The escorts and porn industry in the UK and around the world has always experienced problems, but in recent years it has really cleaned up its act. However, on occasion you still come across unscrupulous operators who like to take advantage of both escorts and their dates.
Recently, some London escorts agencies from have reported that rogue agencies seem to have been operating in the area, and this has caused a bit of an upheaval amongst London escorts who work hard and are all legitimate. The so called rogue agencies appear to be run by foreign operators who have set up what they presume to be escorts services in the London area.
However, when you look at the services in more detail, you will discover that the vast majority of them are nothing but a prostitution racket, and many of the so called escorts who work for the agencies are not even in the country legally. A lot of gents have been talking about the situation, and writing into the Agency, to explain that they have heard about some stories were men have had sex with young girls without using proper protection.
This is not what London escorts services are all about, and this is not an escorts services at all. This is prostitution of the worst kind, and many young ladies working for these so called agencies, are at great risk. The Agency would not recommend any gents to use these agencies, and should not be associated with the service at all. If, any gent come across this problem, they should report the matter to the police.
But how do you know if an escorts agency is legal? First of all you will find that the vast majority of legal London escorts agencies have their own web sites. You will be able to speak to somebody in an office and make arrangements to see a girl. They staff in the office will also point out that London escorts are sexy companions, and not prostitutes.
You may think that escorts are prostitutes but they are not. They are ladies who will offer sexy companionship but at no time are you contracting a sex worker. This is a huge misunderstanding, and the problem has been made worse by the many illegal operators in the UK.
The vast majority of escorts agencies in the UK have been working hard to give the industry a good name, and it hardly seems fair that rogue agencies, that are nothing better than pimps, have been allowed to ruin the good name of the UK escorts agencies.
The Agency is happy to stand up for all workers within the genuine UK escorts services industry, and we think that rogue operators should be brought to justice. We would like to hear from any gent or escorts agency around the UK who think they may have been the victim of rogue traders, and we will be happy to take things further on their behalf.

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