How To Satisfy Ladies In Bed: 6 Techniques Every Man Must Know

By | August 18, 2017

Women may be difficult to understand, but not that hard when you discover what she wants in bed! Learn of these 6 techniques for men about how to make your girl or lovely escort-to-be utterly sexually satisfied:

Grant Your Woman More Foreplay

Oftentimes, a man performs very little foreplay, thinking of it as a mere warm up towards the very exciting main event. However, this aspect of sex ranks among the most enjoyable for women. The longer you take time for foreplay, the more aroused she gets and the better your overall experience will be.

Compliment Her, Talk Dirty If You must!

Speak up and be generous with compliments. When with an escort, doing so would make her easily get comfortable in bed. Every woman loves being told how gorgeous she looks and how sexy her body is. Tell her how pleasant she smells, and anything great about her. This will keep her from being self-conscious and distracted from performing well and having awesome sex with you!

Give Her Breasts Some Well-Deserved Attention!

Pampering her breasts give extra stimulation towards a bigger orgasm. Whether she’s lying down or on top, cupping and lifting the underside of her breasts, then spiraling towards her nipple and sucking gently is a huge turn on.

Touch Base: Find Your Way Towards Her G-Spot

Penetrating deep within feels good, but can’t be fully satisfying without clitoral stimulation. Put your hand to good use or give your lady a fantastic oral. The g-spot is approximately 2 inches on the front wall of her private part, in case you haven’t reached the target yet on any woman. Slowly and softly, feel for the exact, perfect spot using your fingers or your “little guy.”

Smother Her with Sensual Kisses

Most guys stop kissing when intercourse starts, which is one bad move. Sensual kisses and smooches make it more intimate for your girl, which is crucial to both your sexual pleasure. Pace your kisses as to slow and romantic, or more aggressive which requires a bit of tongue and some light sucking.

Handle with Care, And Confidence

See the lioness in her, which means exhibiting strength and confidence like her ideal man should be! This can be insanely erotic for a woman. Hold her by the wrists and pin over her head onto the mattress. Hold her hips when she’s on top to guide her body back and forth. Be firm enough that your woman complies and enjoys it.

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